EASY To Kill Viruses by 2 inner nose many-tiny-holed tubes from uvc/ozone machine to the inside lungs to breath with them inside for a long while. MONEY???

 If Using 1-Minute IR Camera Scan, King Henry VIII Would Have Settled With One Wife!


Possible Idea how to kill Chinese Viruses in Patient's Lungs.

Approx. 99% Accuracy To FDA-Approved Scan A Human Palm Hand Each Of Mating Couple in Less 1 Minute To Determine What Gender Of Your Future Baby Will Be BEFORE  Pregnancy/Conception. If Infertility, FREE!  Amazing $500 (or Best Offer)  Per Mating Couple To Save You Thousands of Dollars. 100% Refundable If Opposite Of What Gender Of Your Baby To Come Out. Also IR Camera Scan May Warn You To Have A Possible MISCARRIAGE During Early Pregnancy Before Happened Or Not. 100% Confidential Records!

      (In Most Cases: Male is a Key But Not 100% So Female Is Required To Be Scanned in Case.)



Other Preconception Methods Operated by The Doctors Who Work in Many Different Ways But Only Approx. 70% Accuracy PLUS Up To 3 Days of Staying at Clinic or Hospital Costing Up to $35,000 With ZERO Refund if Wronged / Failed. Even Infertility Still Costs YOU! ​



 "My wife and I were skeptical at first, but after he (IR Camera Scan) predicted the first one correctly we decided to go back. After our daughter was born we wanted a son, which he said the second one would be. My wife got pregnant a few months back and just recently had an ultrasound confirm that it's going to be a boy!  It (IR Camera Scan) works!". - Jasper & María 

(Note: Miscarriage Would Be Occured But IR Camera Scan Warned Early to Save ... At Early Pregnancy To Make A Baby Boy)   

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($1 per Mile Incl. Round Trip To Your Secured Location or Your Place For 1 Minute Answer.)

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​New Scan Pen ($125 to $150 per Pen) Will Come Soon But Only 75% Accuracy.

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